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Course description

Drawing Americana

A six week drawing course for teachers/tutors of K-12 school children that gives you an opportunity to practice the art projects at home first so you can learn how to teach it to your class; This course also introduces the student to a different American artist each week: 

John James Audubon, Peter Max, Winslow Homer, Jasper Johns, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Thomas Hart Benton.


teaches a different drawing skill with a symbol of America:

OiLS, Symmetry (Mirror Image), Upside Down Drawing, Abstract (Op) Art, and One Point Perspective.

Each week you will be able to:

  • practice a different drawing technique each week such as: OiLS, Abstract Art, One-Point Perspective, Upside Down drawings, & Symmetry/Mirror Images
  • create a masterpiece in the style of the artists (6 total)

There is also a 12 page downloadable art PDF that is included with this course that can be distributed in the classroom.

  • There are 9 video demonstrations that correspond to this course

  • 6 step-by-step videos showing the student how to draw each masterpiece
  • 1 practice video for Op Art
  • 1 "gathering supplies" video
  • 1 encouragement video called "Beautiful Oops!"

Here are samples of the paintings the children will create:


1. How long do I have to use this course?

150 days from the time the course is purchased.

2. What age group is this course geared towards?

This course is geared towards children in elementary to high school. The teacher/tutor should use this course to practice the artwork at home first, then incorporate those newly acquired skills in the classroom. The videos are not intended to be used in a classroom setting. 

3. How many videos are included with this course?

There are 9 step-by-step videos demonstrating how to do each art project (6 drawing videos, 1 gathering supplies video, 1 practice video for Op Art & 1 encouragement video)

4. Why the name "Yellow Spot: Sun"?

Pablo Picasso, famous artist and Cubist, once said, "There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others, with the help of their art and intelligence, that transform a yellow spot into the sun." 

What a wonderful way to view art! If we take the time to view art in this manner, there is no telling what each of these budding artists can create over their lifetime!

5. If I purchased this course, can I share this course with others?

This course is for use within your Co-Op/Classroom. If a director/principal purchases this course for the tutors/teachers, each tutor/teacher must use the director/principals sign in to utilize this specific course only. It is intended to be used as a teaching tool for the teacher/tutor at home to practice the projects before teaching them to the class. 

This is not allowed to be used by every family in the community/school. Only the teachers/tutors for said community/school are allowed access to these training videos. Misuse of this license will terminate the enrollment immediately. If a family is interested in the course, that family must purchase Drawing Americana to use at home.

All sales are final.


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•Host any of my products on your own or other sites
•Sell files to make a profit (print, bind, and laminate to sell to others)
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Marrissa Raimonde

Marrissa Raimonde

The Art Teacher

Hi there!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved creating art. But, oddly enough, I thought I was going to be an architect when I grew up, so when I headed off to college that is what I began studying! During my sophomore year of college, one of the art classes I was enrolled in assigned us to work in an at-risk elementary school assisting the art teacher. I was saddened to find out what an at -risk elementary school was but amazed by the enthusiasm and joy the art class brought to the students. It was so much fun working with the kids! This "assignment" ended up changing everything. At the end of the year I changed my major and eventually graduated with a B.S. in Art Education.

After teaching in the public school system for a couple of years, I decided to get my M.Ed (Master's degree) in Art Education and began taking classes part time while teaching full time. I taught in the public school system in at-risk schools for seven years, up until my first daughter was born. Now, three kiddos and nearly ten years later, I am homeschooling!

Since homeschooling, I have been able to teach several art classes to other homeschooling families and have realized that there is a great need for a quality art education program for homeschoolers. Thus, the idea to offer step-by-step instructions online at an affordable cost to families was born.

It is my hope and prayer that these courses will be a blessing to you and your children and that the desire to create will be ignited in each of them that fosters a love of the arts for a lifetime!



A portion of all sales from Yellow Spot:Sun Series goes directly to The Last Well. Check out the link below for more info! 

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Course Contents

9 Videos

9 Texts

3 PDFs