Inspire a Love of the Arts in Your Homeschooler

You teach them math, science, and history – now round out your homeschool experience with my quality online art education courses for homeschoolers.

• You’ll love the easy-to-use format of the lessons
• Your kids will get excited about art, history and art techniques
• And best of all, you can use and reuse the lesson plans in your immediate family as often as you like!

If you’ve ever researched art classes for your homeschoolers, you know they are EXPEN$IVE! And online art courses don’t always live up to your expectations.

Imagine your homeschooler sitting down to watch a series of videos designed especially for at-home art instruction.  They are able to follow along, creating their masterpieces in the accompanying printable journal.
Or perhaps they work their way through a journal of techniques, practicing on pages designed by me, an art teacher, (and printed by you) to encourage their personal style.

Through these engaging, imaginative courses your homeschooler can get hands-on experience by following step-by-step instruction to learn:

• Techniques such as how to work with watercolor, clay, pen and ink
• The history of monuments, works of art, and the eras in which they appear
• Interesting stories about the lives of the masters
• Art appreciation skills

Your child’s homeschool experience will be enriched by immersion in these inspiring courses. They will gain insight into an amazing world of art and artists, all from the comfort of your own home. And the skills and knowledge they receive will last a lifetime.

Who Can Benefit From These Courses?

Yellow Spot:Sun online art courses are designed for homeschool students from elementary grades through high school.  You can even repeat courses as your homeschooler advances and watch how their skills improve through the years.

Print out a new journal for a younger sibling when they are ready to take the course.  Or maybe, print out your own journal so you can practice right along with your kids. Once you own the course, your access never expires.

Is Studying Art Even Necessary?

While the core subjects are at the heart of your homeschool curriculum, electives are just as important to be sure your child experiences more than just the basics.

A deep understanding of art and artists can help them appreciate the beauty in the world and the skills of the masters.  Practicing art techniques can boost your child’s creativity. But there are even more reasons to include art study in your homeschool plans.

Studies have shown that incorporating art in with core subjects can also help students in other disciplines such as reading and math by improving their learning abilities. (Sources PCAH May 2011 and Johns Hopkins 2009)

And delving into art history can make your homeschooler more attuned to the world in general, giving them new perspectives on how the world has been shaped by art through the millennia.

Do I Need To Purchase The Courses In A Certain Order?

Nope, you can let your child choose the subject that interests them the most, You will find a link in the Yellow Spot:Sun home page to each of my courses. Follow the link to a short video and a list of everything that your homeschooler can learn with the course.

As your student’s skills improve with practice, you can print out additional journals and let them go through the course again and again until they are satisfied with their progress.

Or, you can head back to the home page and choose another course so they can explore something new.

And speaking of new, I’m always adding new courses, so check back often to see what fresh art adventures await!

What Others Are Saying About Yellow Spot:Sun Online Art Classes

"I'm excited to share with you that our oldest son (entering 11th grade in the fall) is planning to use Yellow Spot: Sun for art study instead of enrolling in the art class at our local co-op. He feels that he learned so much from the 1-2 art projects he completed from the Architects of the Ancient World, and he loves that you offer a variety of art mediums to learn. He's looking forward to continuing that study with you as his official art teacher next year." -Brandy Ferrell.  Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

"I just wanted to take the time to write you and tell you that your class [Color Theory with the Impressionists] has been the BEST class we have ever taken. Everything goes so well together and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into them. I love the videos, the sketchbooks, and the art critique. We love that the color theory and style of the painter are worked into the painting projects. Thank you for your wonderful work! We are thankful for you!"-Amy B. 

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Color Theory with the Impressionists

"First, the children (age 4-7) all chose 1 style of bug to draw and color [Warm and Cool Symmetrical Bugs].  One child was enthused, 2 semi enthused, and 1 not enthused.  However, after watching the video once during their lunch to prep them for the assignment, and then drawing while watching, all 4 attitudes were positive.  They remained focused and the "steps" were introduced in a timely fashion allowing them time to process.  Second, the "beautiful oops" book review hit the spot with the oldest (perfectionist) and she wants to purchase the book.  Thank you for encouraging the kids in a positive way and then correlating it with a biblical perspective.  Love your approach and will be purchasing soon." -Joy A.

"I love how beautiful the workbook is [for Architects of the Ancient World].  the kids art inside this workbook create a beautiful profile.  I love all the great inserts of the history of the seven wonders.  This course makes a fun and enriching supplement to history studies!" Trish Just Sew Trish

"This was a great, simple way to combine art and ancient history [Ancient Egyptian Boat drawing]! My sons loved following the easy step-by-step instructions. The final design gave freedom for each to express his individuality. I appreciate the explanation of not only how to draw but what symbols are." -Lauren Z.

"The discussion which accompanies the drawing [Ancient Egyptian Boat drawingis simple for early elementary children to comprehend and remain attentive to the task." -Joy A.

“We are using Art Through the Eyes of the American Woman.  It is fantastic, easy to use, and we are learning so much.  It fits a variety of ages very well and the schedule is flexible, so it can work well within your needs.  A quality program we are truly enjoying.” –Lori H.

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Art Through the Eyes of the American Woman

“Wonderful resources for a homeschool family! Easy to use and set up for the kids to watch the lessons.” –Alison R.

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Drawing Americana