Hi! I'm Marrissa, the creator of Yellow Spot:Sun. I am so glad you have stopped by! I hope these art courses will be a blessing to you and your kiddos! Since I will be your child's teacher, I thought it would be good to let you know a little bit about me:

I am:

  • the daughter of the One true King that humbly grows in His grace, love and mercy each day.
  • the wife to a funny and witty gentleman who brings laughter to my life each day.
  • a homeschooling mama of three amazing kiddos, currently 10, 8 & 6. They are sweet and silly and I tell people all of the time that we get a lot of growth opportunities each and every day while we are together! I am so grateful that God has allowed me to be their mama!
  • a sister, friend, daughter, aunt, tutor, creator, overly organized, willing to help out anyone in need, and always on the go, go, go woman.
  • as a family, we love to travel and explore...

So that's me in a nutshell!

I created Yellow Spot:Sun for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • before my kiddos were born, I was an art teacher in at-risk public schools for 7 years. Art was not my first choice in an occupation. When I set off for college I was determined to be an architect. One of the art courses I was required to take my sophomore year had us volunteer in an art class at an at-risk elementary school. I didn't know what an at-risk school was before I volunteered there but became very saddened when I found out what it was and why those kids were labeled at such a young age. However, as I worked with those kids, I saw how much happiness and excitement art brought to their days and that experience forever changed me. I changed my major at the end of that semester and eventually got my Masters degree in art Education. My teaching goal was to be able to help inspire and encourage children in the arts so that it would have a positive effect on their future, and that's just what I was blessed to do for 7 years.
  • when I began homeschooling, I soon realized that a well-rounded art education program was lacking and many of my homeschooling friends were longing for an in-depth art curriculum but either didn't want to spend a fortune on classes or they didn't have the time in their schedule to devote the drive time, drop-off and pick up time into their weekly routine.
  • I taught art classes in my own home weekly, but that added a lot of extra prep and clean up time to my schedule, so I was trying to figure out a way to serve families and not overwhelm my own schedule...

So...I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I created the lessons online and the kids could work independently from home, without adding to the workload and prep time for parents?"

And that's how Yellow Spot:Sun came about!

I truly believe that all children are capable of creating art, it simply takes practice, just like learning how to ride a bike, read, play the piano, or anything else they do in life! And when they are given the opportunity to create and explore without feeling like they are not "measuring up" to someone else's art, it's simply amazing what they can do!

I have created my lessons to be easily attainable, yet engaging enough to keep their attention and inspire growth in their creativity on a regular basis. They get to learn art history, techniques, and practical ways to practice their own art skills, all from the comfort of their home with the lessons I provide!

Art is a process, not a finished project. So many people want to create something perfectly the first time so that they can frame it and hang it on a wall. While it's nice to hang our art on the walls, its more important to recognize the process involved in creating a piece of art. Mistakes will be made but when we turn our mistakes into something beautiful (by not getting frustrated and giving up) we have learned something invaluable and are then able to take our creations to the next level.

It is my hope and prayer that these affordable, family-friendly art lessons bless you and your children and that it inspires a love of the arts for a lifetime!

In His love,