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Yellow Spot:Sun Online Art Classes

Winter Watercolors, Drawing Prompts & Art Appreciation

A review by Mandy from The Homemade Homeschooler

Falling Leaves

A review from "These Little Sprouts"

A review by The Handmade Homeschooler

Trailblazing Transit: American Art for History

"I'm excited to share with you that our oldest son (entering 11th grade in the fall) is planning to use Yellow Spot: Sun for art study instead of enrolling in the art class at our local co-op. He feels that he learned so much from the 1-2 art projects he completed from the Architects of the Ancient World, and he loves that you offer a variety of art mediums to learn. He's looking forward to continuing that study with you as his official art teacher next year." -Brandy Ferrell.  Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

"I just wanted to take the time to write you and tell you that your class [Color Theory with the Impressionists] has been the BEST class we have ever taken. Everything goes so well together and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into them. I love the videos, the sketchbooks, and the art critique. We love that the color theory and style of the painter are worked into the painting projects. Thank you for your wonderful work! We are thankful for you!"-Amy B. 

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Color Theory with the Impressionists

"First, the children (age 4-7) all chose 1 style of bug to draw and color [Warm and Cool Symmetrical Bugs].  One child was enthused, 2 semi enthused, and 1 not enthused.  However, after watching the video once during their lunch to prep them for the assignment, and then drawing while watching, all 4 attitudes were positive.  They remained focused and the "steps" were introduced in a timely fashion allowing them time to process.  Second, the "beautiful oops" book review hit the spot with the oldest (perfectionist) and she wants to purchase the book.  Thank you for encouraging the kids in a positive way and then correlating it with a biblical perspective.  Love your approach and will be purchasing soon." -Joy A.

"I love how beautiful the workbook is [for Architects of the Ancient World].  the kids art inside this workbook create a beautiful profile.  I love all the great inserts of the history of the seven wonders.  This course makes a fun and enriching supplement to history studies!" Trish Just Sew Trish

"This was a great, simple way to combine art and ancient history [Ancient Egyptian Boat drawing]! My sons loved following the easy step-by-step instructions. The final design gave freedom for each to express his individuality. I appreciate the explanation of not only how to draw but what symbols are." -Lauren Z.

"The discussion which accompanies the drawing [Ancient Egyptian Boat drawingis simple for early elementary children to comprehend and remain attentive to the task." -Joy A.

“We are using Art Through the Eyes of the American Woman.  It is fantastic, easy to use, and we are learning so much.  It fits a variety of ages very well and the schedule is flexible, so it can work well within your needs.  A quality program we are truly enjoying.” –Lori H.

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Art Through the Eyes of the American Woman

“Wonderful resources for a homeschool family! Easy to use and set up for the kids to watch the lessons.” –Alison R.

"The Old Schoolhouse" review of Drawing Americana